About Pixie Power

AlissaCostelloAs a freelance graphic designer, I've been the owner of Alissa Costello Creative LLC since 2009. In January of 2011, I purchased a small table top screen printer and began experimenting with printing own designs on t-shirts. It wasn't until April that year that I received my reseller's license from the state of Arizona and was finally able to legally start selling my designs on the internet. At that time I decided to do business under the name Balancing Act Clothing. I call it Balancing Act because between this little biz, my freelance work, marathon training, and oh, a little thing called a full time day job, my life it truly a balancing act!

My shirts are no longer made by hand on that home screen printer. As much as I loved working with the inks and really getting crafty, it was very hard on me to spend all my weekend time printing and ironing my designs. Mistakes happened often and were costly.

So today, all my shirts are printed by a local screen printer who insures that every shirt is perfect. All of the designs are my unique creations. You will not find my designs sold anywhere but this website. I only sell the shirts that I have in stock, so you can be assured that your shirt will be mailed in a timely fashion.

In 2013, I rebranded Balancing Act Clothing as Pixie Power. I wanted a shorter, more memorable name and being that my pixie wings shirts are always my most popular designs, Pixie Power seemed like a good fit. I also like the "power" part of the name since lately I've shifted some of my enthusiasm away from running and towards the weight room and I have been eager to start a "gym girl" line.

Thank you for visiting Pixie Power and supporting this girls American dream!

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